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Encrypting your link and protect the link from viruses, malware, thief, etc!
Made your link safe to visit.

How to use our tool:

  1. Click on How To Use menu above.
  2. Click on the code and CTRL + C on your keyboard.
  3. Paste the code in your HTML blog theme before the </body>.
  4. Save your HTML blog theme. you are done!
  5. Now, your blog's outbound links was encrypted!

How do I check for viruses?

Technically, you CANNOT get infected by virus just by clicking a link. Most modern browsers are sandboxed, so there is no way any script on the webpage can INFECT your computer. ... So clicking a link by itself cannot get you infected.

What check links for virus ?

Scan the download for viruses before installing or running it. Most anti-virus packages have the ability to scan a single file, or perhaps a single directory. Use that to point at the file or the directory you've downloaded your file into, and do the scan. Make sure your anti-virus scanner's data base is up to date.

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Is it a virus?

And even if there is malware involved, it's almost certainly not a virus. The word virus refers to a very specific way that malware spreads from one PC to another. A computer virus infects an executable file, like a program, the way a biological virus infects a cell. ... Everyone was talking about viruses in the 1990's.

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